The Story Behind the Brand

Ninas Little Forevers is a young brand, founded in 2014 by the owner of the Meisteratelier Kirsten Ehhalt in Heidelberg, Germany. The established gold smithing studio creates extravagant one of a kind jewellery made of precious stones like Paraiba Turmaline, Aquamarine, fancy diamonds and many more. To stick up to the great demand for more delicate jewellery pieces, our fine line Ninas Little Forevers has been introduced. Since its launch the range of products grew from 10 to over 30 creations. Welcome to the platform of our colorful, sometimes playful – and always made with love to every detail – assortment, the online shop is coming soon.

Discover the repertoire of glistering and sparkling jewels.

The Original

We are most known for our classic, the scarab. Throughout time it became an iconic symbol. Scarabs are talismans from ancient Egypt, symbolising the circle of life and being closely related to the sun and its everlasting cycle of rising and setting. We love the scarabs´ meaningfulness and beauty. Each of our scarabs is unique - selected from precious natural stones with an hand-engraved relief. 



We are part of the Meisteratelier Kirsten Ehhalt. The studio is the most renowned address for commissioned and unique jewellery pieces in Heidelberg.